Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (2016 / ENG / RePack)

  • Year: 2016
    Genre: Action / 3D / 1ST Person
    Developer: EA DICE
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Platform: PC
    Game Version: build [Upd # 2] Publication Type: Repack by SEYTER
    Interface Language: Russian (RUS) / English ( ENG)
    language: Russian (RUS) / English (ENG)
    The check (crack): chakerilia (CPY)
    file size: 18.46 GB

    Mirror’s Edge is a first-person EA-‘s creation and unlike other games that it dramatically underlines its uniqueness. This is not a game, which is all easily play joystick buttons tskapunit. You need a lot of skill and observation, even a half-second, could such a thing happen, which have significantly gagirtulot game. Mirror’s Edge uses the sensors to the controller, every movement, every shift, every button will be felt in touch with you. The main character, as in the previous section, is Faith Connor. The game mechanics are very sophisticated and exciting. What is better, a run can win on the wall, and watch how the opponent drops his helmet to the ground chaumtvrevt article. When Mirror’s Edge-‘s play, the whole to be involved in its rhythm. Of course, this is not a perfect game, and she adopted as a routine missions to be done in a very dagezarebat, also the simplest actions that are easy to guess. The game introduces a whole is very good. As for the story, the game begins as follows: Faith and Kate goes to a pop in the office, he finds that Pop is dead and asks Kate Faith investigation of this matter. Faith finds pop hands of paper on which is written “ikarus”. Kate did not agree with him to escape the Faith, because it is, in his opinion, are guilty of it. Keith will be arrested. Faith begins to investigate and finds out that his chief of security about the death of pop – Travis barpildma must know something. When Faith to meet Miller, as he said, She has almost caught. When Faith roupbarn reach the same Travis barpild latter will try to invade the Faith, but it falls from the roof, and before him the truth would know Faith, roupbarni some unknown assassin sent Hereafter. Faith belongs to “morbenalta circle”, which is fighting for a firm that trains people to catch and destroy the runners. Faith follows roupbarnis killer and discovers that he is keleste, who made a deal with the “Ikarus” that had been followed. At this time the police had to come and run off keleste. Keith was charged with the murder of pop. Mercy and plans to use it to help her sister Faith release, when taken to prison. But Mercy dying and Kate was again sent back. Before Mercy died, he told the Faith, and that his was “urine” (Yes, we laughed), where the mayor’s office and kalaganis servers, which operates the city’s surveillance system. Miller’s help, Faith destroys servers and goes up on the roof, seeing her sister, who threatens jeknaipi. Discloses the Faith, that he himself was involved in the plans and the whole part of the Ikarus, which runners must be destroyed. After Kate vertpmren jeknaipi trying to hire, this time Faith down to it, kill and damage the helicopter. Faith, and finally saved her – Kate. They were accused of murdering a pop, but since the surveillance system was bred out of order, no one to talk to their whereabouts.

    System requirements:
    * Operating system: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / 8.1 / Windows 10 (64bit versions)
    * Processor: Intel i33250 / AMD FX6350
    * RAM: 6 GB
    * Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti (2GB) / AMD Radeon R9 270x (2GB)
    * support: DirectX 9.0
    * Free hard drive space: 25 GB

    RePack ‘Features:
    • Do not cut | Recoded
    • satamasho archives intact
    »Mirror’s Edge Catalyst:” Scramble ”
    » Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: “Speed”


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